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June 23, 2007


S Riordan

All I know is tHat she married a former boyfriend of mine in 84, and lives in the Midwest.

Neil Wiger

Gayle is AWESOME!\m/

Arnie Matter

I think Gayle is dead, she moved to India and was last heard from in a telegram to her dogs Kennel, saying she was working at a Gemstone plant.

Neil Wiger

I would just like to say..... Gayle McCormick's contribution to music has brightened many of my dark days. Like a ray of sunshine on a gloomy day. She may be happier living back in her hometown. She may be happier living the normal life. All I know is that the works she has already performed are very meaningful and leave a footnote the size of Stonehenge in entertainment. More than most of us entertainers will ever achieve in an entire lifetime.


I found this link to a website for downloading music called Demonoid. I didn't want to risk downloading the file but I found it interesting that Gayle McCormick's music was avaiable here. I have her debut cd (and original vinyl) and her album "Flesh & Blood". I had her 3rd album "One More Hour" but it was terrible.


....very funny, 'Arnie'.
Hi Gayle,
I'm Buster Brown
I'm a Boston Terrier
Dogs are people too.


GAYLE/ Let us know how your doing! 7/5/2012

brad statler

Why is it so hard to believe that an entertainer/vocalist like Gayle want's no part of "show business" again? She gave us all many great songs to enjoy forever, now let's give her the privacy from the "business" she wants.

Ky Colonel

I saw Gayle at the Cardinals/Pirates home game on Sat.8-18-12 and had a nice chit-chat with her. She was in the Red Bird Club suite and let me say that lady loves her Cardinals baseball. In the course of talking with her, she told me about her playing church league softball for Fee Fee Baptist Church back when she was a freshman and a sophmore in high school. She was the pitcher on that team, and was proud of the fact that they finished the season in 3rd place out of 35 teams in the league.

I told her that her fans were clammering for her to come back and make an appearance and she does not want any part of doing that. I told her what Brad said in the post above and she agrees with his thoughts. She cherishes her privacy.

We all have to realize that's she's 63 years old now, and not the beauty queen she once was. It's a natural part of aging and I'm 64 myself, so I know. She said she's suffering from arthritis, so I'm asking that we please just maintain a prayerful thought for her health.

Ernie Clark

Gayle McCormick had one of the most amazing voices in all of music. It's a shame she stopped singing in 1976. Both of Smith's albums have been issued on cd and are available in the new and used section on Amazon as is her first solo album on Dunhill. Someone should issue her other albums on cd. I know she did one for MCA and on for Fantasy Records. Gayle, if you read this I want to say thank you for some of the greatest records ever made. You're the best!

Len Blumenthal

I found this link to everything Smith and Gayle McCormick. It has the entire Smitch discography and associated YouTube videos. They'll all play one after another ... even has lyrics. SCORE!



Lightening struck when "Baby Its You" was arranged and performed. Everthing came together to create a powerful, unforgetable, can't-sit-still song. The powerful groove, the simplicity and minimalism of the parts, Gayle's passionate delivery (her voice!), the PERFECT organ riffs, and the slightly dissonate instrumental harmonies. Wow. The song is moving and sensual and brings you somewhere. When I hear this song on the radio, I am riveted and transported back to my youth. I researched the song and Smith over the last few days. Gayle blew me away in teh music videos and I could not stop listening and watching. The references on Wikipedia provide the most anyone seems to know about Gayle during and after her music career. I hope Gayle can at contact her fans just to tell us what she has been thinking over the last several decades about music and her experiences. Best wishes Gayle. Lowboy

Jimmy the Finder

Gayle, wherever you are, thank you! If someone mentioned the phrase "flower child" you would be the image locked in my mind. I was totally in love with you. Your voice had all the excitement, passion, and adventurous spirit of the late 1960's San Fransisco scene. I collect records to this day and I have a copy of Minus-Plus which I consider a personal treasure.....P.S. I would have loved to party with you. Today, I'd dig a Starbucks date. Name the city!

Jim Lekas

I dated Gayle some in summer of 1972 in L.A. We spoke almost everyday in 2007. She was working at Macy's in the Northwest Mall. It has since closed. She almost flew out to visit me in 2007, changed her mind at the last minute. She always had issues with the demands of her career...walked away in 1972. She is now 64 in 2013. Was living a very quiet life when we were chatting...in a single-wide trailer. I think she lives with her mother now. She has absolutely no voice left...two packs a day for many years. A sweet lady, I still melt when I watch her old videos. Life has not been a bed of roses for Gayle. I think she might be working retail at another dept. store in the area. What a babe she was. Jim (CA)


Gayle needs to write her bio. I wonder is she still receives royalties from her music?


I was away at school in 1969 when I first heard Gayle sing Baby It's You, absolutley loved it! I can't believe it's been so long! I am in a cover band and we have two wonderful female vocalsits. I'm going to suggest we cover this song because it's so beautiful, as is Gayle. Gayle, if you're monitoring this sight or should you ever happen across it, we would love it if you would sing with us! You have an open invitation for as long as I'm alive.
Love Pauly

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great man :D


Hey! This post couldn't be written any better! Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this page to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

King Phil Rock

I voraciously watch those PBS specials on Sunday night where they trot out the 60s and 70s artists. Somebody please get this lady to come back and sing. The world is deprived of her talents. If they could get the guy from Steam, who is famously reclusive, then why not Gayle. I hope that Smith recouped some royalties from this hitsingle and that Burt Bacharach did not skimp on the rights. He's known to be friendly, generous, and just aching for friends, but just hoping. Gayle if you search yourself and see this stream, please re-appear. You rock.

Billy Gee from Tennessee

Gayle does indeed live in the suburbs of St Louis and, last I heard still lives and takes care of her elderly parents! I was so much in love with Gayle when I was a young guy, but was never able to capture her attention like other hopeful guys around St Louis! Everyone who has the priviledge of being a close friend of hers tell me that she does not want to be bothered with the fame of the past! Sure she will talk to friends about it, but that's about all! She treasures her privacy now of days! Truly the angels in Heaven blessed her with a unique voice and talent and it's "Crying Shame" we aren't able to share those things with her! Gayle, if you ever read this, we all still love and appreciate you and your wonderful talent! God bless you lady girl!!


I haven't heard this in a long time. Brings back Great memories. Hopefully she is still getting Royalties. I hope she still has her Gold Record. It's not an award many musicians will see in person in their lifetime. Hope your doing well Gayle McCormick. Ron from Los Angeles 1/29/2014. "Baby It's you" Now lives on my Playlists.


I believe I have everything Gayle'ss done in MP 3 Format. I have Gayle McCormick's CD Flesh And Blood ( Best Of - 25 songs ) with What Am I Gonna Do. I have Smith's A Group Called Smith and Minus-Plus also. I can e mail these in RAR format, or, WAV Format if anyone wants them. Everything I have was taken from FLAC format and converted to MP 3 format. It's all digital, and sounds great.


I don't think it's been mentioned but "Baby, It's You" was produced by the late, great Del Shannon.

Jonnie King

Great comments by all. If you'd like to view a FULL, comprehensive Tribute to my friend Gayle that includes our relationship that began in 1965 with KXOK's Johnny Rabbitt (Don Pietromonaco), our days working at the Rabbitt Hops, Splash Parties, Pool Parties, and the fun we had working at Bruno's Bat Cave & the Club Imperial, simply Click-On the below Link. Pictures & Memorabila from my Private Archives/Collections that were packed away for almost Five Decades are there, PLUS, much, much Info. Gayle was THE B-E-S-T ! Period !! (PS: Allow yourself plenty of time, it took weeks to compile, the stories are real, and you'll learn more about what a wonderful person and a true Star Gayle was.)

abby normal

AFAIC she is the only female belter who could compare with Janis.

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