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June 23, 2007


Chunk wheeler

Any luck finding out about Gayle M?

Mrs. Anderson

I keep checking back for an update too, what on earth has happened to this brilliant beauty?


Trying to find out where to get a CD with Smith's What Am I Gonna Do?


Gayle lives in St.Louis and works at a local mall.

Jari Rannikko

I happened to buy Gayles's vinyl/lp Gayle McCormick (1971) today in a flea market. I had never heard about her before and find her voice/key very beautiful. And She is beautiful too. I found this site first and have not yet made any inquiries in net about her later career, if there is one. I'd like to know more about her. Jari from Finland

Mark S.

Heard Baby It's You for the first time in forever on a oldies channel in Atlanta and had to go googling. Still a very cool rendition. I had no idea what Gayle's name was, but remember being totally smitten with her sexiness when I caught her on TV as a 12 year old (who grew up by coincidence, in St. Louis, not far from Pattonville HS)...Just watched the video, gotta love You Tube! Hope she's doing well..

Tom Marino

I worked in St Louis for the Rams back in 2004 and heard that she was working at Sears in the St Louis area, was living with her mom and had no interest what so ever in performing again.


This is a shame this woman has fans all over the internet they would FLY her over to London and pay her if she can still sing she has a lot of fans.


Hey guys and girls, wow, I never even knew about smith before, I always always loved that song and thought that The shirells and the beatles were the only ones to cover it, so when I was on utube I just clicked on this Smith thingy and WOW. Where was she hiding all these years and tell me that guitarist isnt the precursure to SRV. Then I started thinking, hey she could of sung with all the big names back then to promote smith, Lennon, Mcartney, Zep, elton, but ya got to wonder back in the day getting to big was always dangerous for ones health. uhuh, and that rendidtion is just the best with Gayle its,Baby It's You - Smith, for me now, sorry John... LOL


I saw Gayle do a 2 hour live concert in the summer of 70 after Kent State closed the schools down. She played at the "Piper Rock Festival" just outside of Kent State off of what is now US 76. The festival gates were torn down and the concert was free. It lasted 2 days. I rode into the concert on a bus with the First Edition, a Kenny Rogers backup band back then.


I think the Gayle Mccormick in St Louis is not one in the same with the SMITH singer. I believe she lives in LA, still performs and is planning to do some acting work soon.

Keith Peters

Smith's "Baby It's You" was played on WXPN out of Philly today and that is what has me searching.

John Nobles

I've been looking for a video of Gayle's solo song from 1971 "It's a cryin' shame". I had the 45 for years before I sold it in a garage sale, and I have an MP3 of the song. IMHO, this song is much better than Smith's hit "Baby, it's you". I'd love to find a video performance, but there doesn't seem to be one in existence. I've checked YouTube and eMule, it's nowhere to be found. Anyone have any idea if she ever appeared on Ed Sullivan or American Bandstand? Or where to find a video? It's easy to find "Baby, it's you" all over the net, but this song eludes me, so far...


If you see this Gayle, maybe you can write a book and tell us about your life and music.

Charles R. Birkel

Gayle, I hope you got the card....would it be possible to e-mail you???


Very positive blog! I'm really impressed )


Have had a crush on Gayle since 'Baby It's You' charted and still she doesn't even know I exist >sigh<...

lee hanson

I wonder where Gayle Mccormick is. I'm 58 years old a mother of 4. Still remember her song " Baby is you" every day of my life.


One of my all-time favorite songs (Baby it's you).
But then, I like 'surfin Bird' also, don't hold that against this classic
performed best by Smith.


Oh my God ! This ain`t no crush...this is LOVE! You Rock Gayle!


Gayle does, indeed, live in St. Louis and has since the mid to late 1970's. I managed a clothing store in Clayton during the early 80's and Gayle worked for me in the Men's Department. Gayle has worked for a variety of retailers since then. She loves talking about her earlier career in music; but, the demands of performing were too much for her and that's why she's spent so many years in non-demanding jobs.


Wow! 'Baby It's You' will be my all time fav! Wonder if she knows she has so many followers still;)


Before I even had a girlfriend, I knew the wistful feeling of loss from "It's A Cryin' Shame". Man, did I have a crush! Before there was Helen Hunt, there was Gayle McCormick.

Dale Paynter

Please please Can someone find this woman? She has so many fans and she should be getting memos from them. Anybody have a contact number / e-mail for her?


i'm 27 years old, and i'm just about obsessed with gayle. i remember hearing smith and gayle's solo stuff as a kid, and still love it to this day. guess i can thank my parents for my taste in music :-)

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